Thursday, August 9, 2012

and it's not even my birthday...

The Ombre Cake  (for dummies) :

(inspiration via pinterest

Sometimes nothing is more fun than letting your inner housewife come out once in awhile. For me, this happens every time one of my friends has a birthday. Perhaps this is due to the fact that my mother was a career woman and never baked for me, or that I secretly wanted to tackle an unexpected kitchen feat, or that I really just want to eat cake once in a damn while. I donno, but… Here goes nothin'.

Must have:

  • 5 eight inch pans
  • 3 boxes Betty Crocker chocolate cake (eggs, oil, water)
  • 3 jars vanilla frosting
  • 1 pack food coloring

Divide cake batter among the 5 pans. 
Next divide frosting into 5 different bowls while cake is in the oven. 
Choose your cake color (I chose pink-obvi) and put 1 drop in first bowl, 2 drops in second bowl, 3 drops in third, and so forth… 

Mix well.

Begin with first pan of cake. 
Turn upside down on cake platter. 
Ice with lightest shade of frosting first. 
Stack second layer of cake & ice with second shade of pink frosting.
 Repeat until fifth layer is stacked. 

Add candles/cosmos…and voile! 

Happy Ombre Caking.

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