Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mon.o.gram; to identify a personal possession

I don't know about you, or why I am so gaga over anything monogramed…but I am. After a recent trip to the East Coast, I realized how far this mono-hobby of mine could go. Which it probably shouldn't. Something about the fact that something is customized for me makes it THAT much more special (NOT that I am obsessed with myself, as my roommate might suggest- she must hate her initials, or the fact that she can't borrow my monogramed things).

But be warned- this may ward off potential male suitors if you have a mono-problem such as myself.

 Customize me at plum street prints !
 pad around in s-t-y-l-e, also available at plum street prints
How clutch are these beaded clutches? Perfect gift idea at moyna 

Need a new shower curtain? Neither do I, but customize the sh*t out of yours at etsy :) 

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